Donate to Meewasin

Conservation is expensive. Making conservation accessible and educational is even more expensive.

Saskatoon has already surpassed its projected 2079 population*; over 327,500 people live in the area.

The Meewasin Trail has already surpassed its projected 2050 usage*; over 2M people use it annually.

As a registered charity and a nonprofit organization, Meewasin relies on donors and partners to operate. We receive funding from government and various other partners, but it doesn’t cover the full cost of everything we do. Without donations, Meewasin would not be able to:

  • Protect the Valley
  • Support Education and Interactive Experiences
  • Maintain and Upgrade the Meewasin Trail

Your donation will help us keep the Meewasin Valley a healthy and vibrant place for generations to come, where people connect with the land, with the cultural history, and with each other.

miýwâsin is nȇhiyawȇwin (Cree) for ‘it is beautiful’ – help us keep it that way by donating today. When you donate to Meewasin, you, too, become a steward of the river valley corridor.

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