The Design & Development team is made up of a design team, construction crew, and a horticulture crew. Our purpose is to design, build and manage the natural environment and public open space with projects ranging from significant park and trail developments, to minor projects such as bench and sign replacements. The unit uses in-house expertise where appropriate for smaller projects and works with consultants and contractors on larger projects.

The unit implements projects identified in the Meewasin Development Plan, maintaining high standards of landscape and architectural design that are aligned with public need and sympathetic to the natural environment and heritage resources. All applicable projects are subject to Meewasin Development Review and approval.

Key roles include:

  • Prepare design plans and detailed working drawings for projects;
  • Communicate design intent;
  • Implement physical development;
  • Operate existing facilities (Beaver Creek Interpretive Centre, Cameco-Meewasin Skating Rink, Administration Office, shop, greenhouse, etc.);
  • Collect seed, propagate and install plant material;
  • Develop policy and standards for development; and
  • Provide asset management of tools, equipment and supplies.

Meewasin Trail Enhancements

Your latest updates on trail closures, detours, and public consultation projects.

Kinsmen Riverfront Trail & Site Enhancements: The area is adjacent to Kinsmen Park, spans from the Nutrien Wonderhub to the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Site. The project includes enhancements to 300 metres of existing primary trail through the site (on a new alignment) and an upgraded riverfront connection (700 metres of new ramps and stairs). Associated work involves upgrades to the adjacent parking lots and sidewalk connections. You can watch the video showcasing the project and proposed design HERE and review the information document, containing drawings and maps HERE.

Meewasin Trail Closure: The Meewasin Trail adjacent to the Shakespeare site is now reopen as the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan construction is complete.

Meewasin Trail adjacent to Fedoruk Drive from Zary Road to Aspen Ridge: The Meewasin Trail along the south edge of the Meewasin Northeast Swale (along Fedoruk Drive) is currently under construction.   The trail will be open for the winter months with closures anticipated in the spring of 2020 when construction resumes.

2020 Plans & Updates: The Meewasin Trail is a very well used recreational network, loved by residents and visitors alike. Based on trail data collected for 2019, we saw over 1.6 million visits to the 90km+ of Meewasin trail. As we look towards the future, we have a busy year in the works for Meewasin trail planning and development. This includes:

  • Preliminary planning for trail upgrades from Kinsmen Park through the downtown to River Landing.
  • Other projects are in the design and construction phase, including ongoing work in and around the Shakespeare site, in the SW to connect from the Sanatorium site south to the Gordie Howe Bridge (with the pending closure of Spadina Crescent), and through Chief Whitecap Park.

This scope of work will significantly expand and enhance the Meewasin Trail network to strengthen the trail experience for its many users. Besides spending time on the trail, we look forward to seeing you at upcoming engagement sessions planned for this spring and fall, to showcase these projects and other plans we have in the works. Keep an eye out for announcements with more detail in the near future!

Meewasin Trail Closures

New updates about closures, including closures and one-way only direction for the bridges in Saskatoon can be found on the City’s COVID-19 page.

Development Projects

Meewasin Trail Upgrades:  Upgrades in the Kinsmen Park area are currently being planned and will be implemented over a number of years. Upgrades are underway to the secondary trail from the primary trail near the Shakespeare main gate, heading down to the Prairie Lily dock. This work will be completed in the spring of 2020. This new asphalt trail will significantly improve access through this area and tie in with upgrades planned by Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, which includes trails on their site. Trail closures and detours will be in place during construction as needed to complete the work. Check out the map for construction and detours under Meewasin Trail Enhancements above. Further site upgrades in this area are being planned in future years as funding becomes available.

SW Gap / Holiday Park – Trail Development: With the pending closure of a section of Spadina Crescent by the City of Saskatoon in this area, planning is underway to convert the closed road to Primary Meewasin Trail, filling the gap in the network from the Sanatorium site, south to the Gordie Howe Bridge, on the west bank of the river.

Greenway Development: Aspen Ridge Neighbourhood: This project borders the Meewasin Northeast Swale adjacent to the Aspen Ridge Neighborhood. Grassland establishment will be underway starting in 2020.

Meewasin Northeast Swale Master Plan: Click here to learn more. With funding provided by the City of Saskatoon, Meewasin will be continuing with the initial phases of work within the swale. This will include primary trail development on the north side of Fedoruk Road within the road right of way. Wildlife friendly fence installation has recently been completed along the south and east edge of the site.

Chief Whitecap Park Master Plan Implementation: The project will be implemented over a number of years subject to funding. You can review the Master Plan here. The off-leash area fencing and signage is complete. Future work includes Meewasin / Great Trail development and amenity installation that is planned for 2020.  The restoration work and planting planned for the site will be undertaken over a number of years.

Meewasin Northeast Sector Trail Expansion:  Saskatoon’s northeast sector is undergoing significant development as the City grows. The Meewasin Trail in this area is incomplete with gaps between Sutherland Beach and Crocus Prairie, and now the missing connection to the Chief Mistawasis Bridge. Meewasin is undertaking a process to better understand the area and develop a comprehensive primary trail network that will reach from the Circle Drive North Bridge to the Chief Mistawasis Bridge. This will include providing backshore trail connections to adjacent neghbourhoods and important features such as the Meewasin Northeast Swale. The first stage of the project is to develop a conceptual level trail alignment for this corridor. More detailed design and phased in construction will be undertaken in future years as funding becomes available.

Development Review Process

2020 Development Review Schedule:

Deadline to Submit Application Development Review Committee Meetings Meewasin Board Meetings (Public Hearing)
September 1 September 17 October 2
November 2 November 19 December 4

The Meewasin Valley Authority Act provides for a Development Review process which is the tool Meewasin uses to ensure that changes made to the river channel and lands within Meewasin’s jurisdiction are compatible with the Authority’s Development Plan. The Authority has adopted the Development Review Policy as part of its Development Plan. The policy sets guidelines for the construction and review of development, or what the Meewasin Valley Authority Act calls “improvements”. The policy contains guidelines related to Natural Resources, Slope Stability and Drainage, Landscape Construction and Maintenance, River Channel Improvement, Public Access, Design, Service Facilities and Service Maintenance, and Heritage Resources.

Cranberry Flats

Approval is required from the Authority on any improvement valued over $25,000 in Meewasin’s conservation zone and any improvement in the river channel or shoreline. Meewasin requires notification 45 days in advance of any improvement over $150,000 in the buffer zone. The Authority’s jurisdiction is limited to certain riverbank lands and the South Saskatchewan River as it flows through the Rural Municipality of Corman Park and the City of Saskatoon.

The Meewasin Valley Authority Board of Directors reviews proposals for improvements in the Conservation Zone at their regular meetings, held the first Friday of each month. Items to be considered at the upcoming meetings can be found in the Applications for Review drop down.

Projects are listed on a monthly basis. Check back regularly for current project applications.

Please check the Applications for Review header for more information on how to register for the upcoming Public Hearing.

Development Review Application

Application Fees

The development review fee is based on the construction value of the improvement as follows:

 Construction Value Under $500,000 $500,000 to $2,000,000 Over $2,000,000
Fee $1000 $1500 $2500


1. The following information is required with all applications submitted:

  • Completed application form;
  • Application fee (dependent on value of project) payable by cheque, credit card or PayPal
    Click drop-down box to determine fee based on construction value
    Project Name

    Cheque must be made payable to Meewasin Valley Authority;

  • Proof of ownership or legal interest in the property;
  • Location map showing the site of the improvement and the relationship to the site including adjacent properties, buildings, facilities and important natural features;
  • Design drawings and plans including:
    • Plan of proposed site improvements
    • Contour lines (existing and proposed)
    • All elevations for buildings, trails, slopes, etc.
    • At least two (2) sections (for a building)
    • 3D renderings showing both summer and winter perspectives
    • Construction impact plans showing full geographic extent of disturbance, including staging
    • Pedestrian and cycling access routes during construction
    • Communications and public consultation plan
    • List of sustainability features and considerations
    • Landscape planting plan identifying native species, including forbs, grasses, trees and shrubs to be retained, and all vegetation removed and replanted.
  • A0 size hard copy of all plans submitted;
  • Full set of construction drawings. These can be submitted when available, but must be submitted prior to start of construction.


The following information may be requested:

  • Environmental Assessment Report (MVA Policy: 2.1.1)
  • Geotechnical Report (MVA Policy 3.1.1)
  • Hydrological Report (MVA Policy 5.1.1)
  • Traffic Report (MVA Policy 8.1.1)
  • Parking Report (MVA Policy 8.3.1)
  • Heritage Resources Report (MVA Policy 10.1.1)
  • Any other information, models or specifications that the Meewasin Valley Authority may require as part of the review.


2. Applicants will be contacted to confirm their application has been received and advising of the date and time of the Development Review and Board meetings at which the application will be considered. Applicants will be asked to make a presentation at the Development Review meeting to the Development Review Committee. Presentations are limited to five minutes.

3. Applicants will be advised in writing as to the recommendation going to the Meewasin Valley Authority Board. Applicants are strongly encouraged to make a five-minute presentation at the Board meeting. There are three possible outcomes when an application is reviewed. The Authority may decide to:

  • Approve the application as submitted;
  • Approve the application but make it subject to any terms or conditions deemed appropriate; or
  • Deny the application.

**Please note that any conditions of the approval must be satisfied prior to the start of construction**

Applications for Review

At its meeting on October 2, 2020 the Meewasin Valley Authority will consider the following:

• Kinsmen Riverfront Public Washrooms Bathroom Addition Floor Plan, Bathroom Addition Site Plan, View 1, View 2, View 3, View 4

The public is welcome to make a presentation related to this project,
limited to 5 minutes. Registration prior to noon on October 2, 2020 is required. We will also accept written submissions if received before this deadline. Please note you must register to be able to join this electronic hearing.

The public portion of the meeting will be held at 12:00 noon
on Friday, October 2, 2020. For further information, please contact
the Planning and Conservation Manager.

Please note you must register to be able to dial in to the stream of this hearing. The live stream will be posted at

Register here!

Applications Approved

Applications that have been approved by the Meewasin Valley Authority may be subject to conditions as provided for in Meewasin Valley Authority Act

June 7, 2019

December 7, 2018

  • Application by the City of Saskatoon for the Spadina Crescent Turnaround (near Avenue H)

August 10, 2018

  • Application by Triovest for the River Landing Parcel YY Shoring and Excavation

May 4, 2018

February 2, 2018

December 1, 2017

August 11, 2017

June 2, 2017

March 3, 2017


Development Plan

Jurisdiction Map

Meewasin’s jurisdiction centres in Saskatoon and runs approximately 80 km along the river valley through the City of Saskatoon and the Municipality of Corman Park from Pike Lake to Clarke’s Crossing. It encompasses conservation areas, parks, museums, interpretive centres, university lands, canoe launches, community links and more than 80 km of Meewasin Trail. Including the South Saskatchewan River there are more than 25 square miles (60 square kilometres) in the conservation zone.

Please note that if you are consulting this map for available benches or seating blocks it was updated on November 30, 2015. For most up to date information please contact our Donations Officer at 306-665-6887 or by email.

You may view the Jurisdiction Map on our Map by clicking on the “Turn on/off amenities” navigation item and selecting “Jurisdiction”

Exemption Bylaw

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