Brent Loucks Valley Revitalization Program

The Brent Loucks Valley Revitalization Program is an initiative that works towards the beautification and restoration of the Meewasin Valley. Meewasin has been leading restoration efforts along Saskatoon riverbank for over four decades. The Meewasin Valley stretches 75 km along the river and is 6700 hectares of land, which is the equivalent of 13,400 football fields.

You can contribute to this process through a donation of any amount. Generously started with a donation of $100,000 from Rawlco Radio on behalf of Brent’s retirement.

“The Meewasin Valley is an awe-inspiring space and it was the daily backdrop to my career and many enjoyable moments in my life,“ said Brent Loucks, former long-time, 650 CKOM Morning Show host, who the program is named after. “The work Meewasin does is invaluable. I am proud to support Meewasin and the work they do to keep our city beautiful.”

Anyone can further this mission and donate to the program and support Meewasin’s efforts.

Donations made to the Brent Loucks Valley Revitalization Program are put towards restoration efforts and recognized at a yearly dedication ceremony in the spring/summer.

The program creation was made possible by a generous gift from Rawlco Radio on behalf of Brent Loucks in 2022.

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Meewasin deploys many traditional and new techniques in restoration. Projects have included; restoring old hayfields and cropland to native prairie using native grass seed; stabilizing the riverbank from erosion with shrubs and trees; mitigating impacts of road development on creeks through bioengineering techniques; using native aquatic plants for wetland shoreline restoration, and adding wildflower and shrub beds to increase wildlife and pollinator habitat along the Meewasin Trail.