Development Review Process

2024 Development Review Schedule:

Deadline to Submit Application Development Review Committee Meetings Meewasin Board Meetings (Public Hearing)
January 1 January 18 February 2
March 1 March 21 April 5
May 1 May 16 June 14
July 1 July 18 August 9
September 1 September 19 October 4
November 1 November 21 December 6

The Meewasin Valley Authority Act provides for a Development Review process which is the tool Meewasin uses to ensure that changes made to the river channel and lands within Meewasin’s jurisdiction are compatible with the Authority’s Development Plan. The Authority has adopted the Development Review Policy as part of its Development Plan. The policy sets guidelines for the construction and review of development, or what the Meewasin Valley Authority Act calls “improvements”. The policy contains guidelines related to Natural Resources, Riverbank Restoration, Slope Stability and Drainage, Landscape Construction and Maintenance, River Channel Improvement, Public Access, Design, Service Facilities and Service Maintenance, and Heritage Resources.

Cranberry Flats

Approval is required from the Authority on any improvement valued over $25,000 in Meewasin’s conservation zone and any improvement in the river channel or shoreline. Meewasin requires notification 45 days in advance of any improvement over $150,000 in the buffer zone. The Authority’s jurisdiction is limited to certain riverbank lands and the South Saskatchewan River as it flows through the Rural Municipality of Corman Park and the City of Saskatoon.

The Meewasin Valley Authority Board of Directors reviews proposals for improvements in the Conservation Zone at their regular meetings, held the first Friday of each month. Items to be considered at the upcoming meetings can be found in the Applications for Review drop down.

Projects are listed on a monthly basis. Check back regularly for current project applications.

Please check the Applications for Review header for more information on how to register for the upcoming Public Hearing.