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Tours and Camps

Naughty by Nature

Meewasin has never offered an experience quite like this like this before…

Ever wonder how porcupines get it on? We have that answer and more lined up for this fun night out at Beaver Creek. Meewasin has combined some delicious local food & beverages with a tour that takes light-hearted look at what happens in the river valley after hours.

Join Meewasin storyteller and conservationist Jamie Harder for an entertaining evening that explores the mating and courtship strategies of the wildlife at Beaver Creek Conservation Area.

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Start the night with a make-your-own cocktail experience featuring Black Fox #3 Gin and local plant ingredients. After your cocktail, join Jamie on the trail to learn about the surrounding wildlife and their strategies to…well…mate.

This tour will provide laugh-out-loud facts about our favourite Beaver Creek flora and fauna but it’s not for everyone, comfort with risqué topics and a good sense humour are a must!

Following the tour, immerse yourself in the beauty of this beloved local conservation site and enjoy an individual charcuterie box especially curated for your Meewasin experience by Style & Graze, paired with 9 Mile Brewery’s new No. 1 Durum Wheat Ale or a local cider (your choice!)

Join us while we “lift the leaves” on the birds and the bees.

This is a small group experience and is limited to 12 people per tour. 19+ only please.

Due to the natural features of the trail network, this experience is not considered accessible for guests with limited mobility.

EcoAdventure Camps

Meewasin EcoAdventure Camps are geared towards 8-12 year old campers and run 2 hours in length from 10am-12pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout July and August.

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Righteous Rodents: July 7 & August 25 – On this EcoAdventure, learn about the unique adaptations and the daily lives of the remarkable resident rodents that call Beaver Creek home! Hike a local trail to look for beaver dams and other signs of rodent activity with a chance to get up close and personal and explore fun Biofacts like skulls, furs and scat.

PLUS – This EcoAdventure camp date (August 25th) also features wildlife educator Debra Cave and a chance to meet an animal ambassador from Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation.

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Plants & Pollinators – July 8 & Aug 4 – On this EcoAdventure, explore the changing floral landscape of Beaver Creek and learn about the important roles of different kinds of pollinators while searching blooming flowers for their presence! Make native plant seed bombs and learn how to plant a wildlife-friendly garden in your backyard!

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Feathered Friends: July 14 & August 5 – On this EcoAdventure, explore the uniqueness of Beaver Creek’s feathered friends and learn beginner tips and tricks for birding! Use your wild eyes and ears to identify resident birds and get a chance to feed the curious Black-capped Chickadee.

PLUS – This EcoAdventure camp date (August 5th) also features wildlife educator Tammy Tyrell with crows Loki and Edgar from Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation. Meet these incredibly intelligent birds and find out what makes the Corvid family so unique!

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Mico-Meander: July 15 & August 12 – On this EcoAdventure, discover the quiet and vibrant micro-world of the undergrowth! Learn what kinds of creatures live right under your nose and the important roles they play in our ecosystems!

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Nature Navigation: July 21 & August 18 – On this EcoAdventure, you’ll learn how to look for nature clues that help predict the weather and show you ways to get around! Use nature navigation tools and understand how people and animals have used signals from the natural world over time.

PLUS – This EcoAdventure camp date (July 21) also features wildlife educator Melanie Elliott with brown bats, Elizabat and Batrick from Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation! Learn about these fascinating creatures and how they use their unique adaptations to navigate the natural world.

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Aquatic Adventures: July 22 & August 26 – On this EcoAdventure, plunge into the exciting watery world of creek dipping! Investigate and learn to identify aquatic invertebrates – creatures that live in the flowing waters of Beaver Creek! (This EcoAdventure requires rubber boots and a willingness to get a little wet!)

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NeoNature: July 28 & August 11 – On this EcoAdventure, harness the power of technology and learn how you can be a citizen scientist by using different nature apps on your smartphone! Learn the ways technology and nature are coming together in new exciting ways to give us more information and a bigger, better picture about the health of natural world. (This EcoAdventure requires a smartphone device)

PLUS – This EcoAdventure camp date (July 28th) also features wildlife educator Melanie Elliott with brown bats, Elizabat and Batrick from Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation! Learn about these fascinating creatures and how they use their unique adaptations to navigate the natural world.

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Earth Art: July 29 & Aug 19 – On this EcoAdventure, you’ll draw inspiration from the biodiversity of Beaver Creek and use natural tools to create your own nature wonder-pieces! Connect with the natural world using your wild senses on a guided sensory hike.

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Clean Up Campaign

Thank you to all of our Amazing Clean up Stewards who got involved in Meewasin’s 2021 Clean Up Campaign!

Every year, Meewasin’s Clean Up Campaign makes a difference to the health of the community and ecosystems within it.

Over 1,700 participants took part in the 2021 campaign to clear litter from our natural areas!

The efforts made a tremendous difference, with 3,847 kg in garbage and 1,020 kg of recycling material recorded during Loraas Disposal pick ups! This means a total of 4,867 kg of litter was diverted from ending up in natural areas such as endangered or sensitive habitat, wetlands and rivers!

Click to download the 2020 Clean Up Bingo and play along for a chance to win a prize pack!

Cleaning up Saskatoon’s backyard 

We need your help to ensure a healthy and vibrant river valley corridor that supports the well-being of everyone! The parks, streets, and riverbanks within the Meewasin Valley have been enjoyed by over 1.87 million people in a single year. We need your help to keep these beloved community spaces clean and enjoyable for all!

Meewasin, with the support of Loraas Disposal, Tim Hortons, Clean Canada Together, The Great Trail, and the City of Saskatoon, has once again made Saskatoon shine with the annual Meewasin Volunteer Clean Up, running from April 22 to June 14, 2021!

Everyone is invited to participate, whether an individual, or a large group! Choose an area of the river valley, a park or a school ground to clean, or have one assigned to you.

How to partake:

  1. Register yourself or your group by filling out this form  (ps – check out the map below for bin placements around the city)
  2. A representative from Meewasin will contact you to arrange a time to pick up materials + send you the info pack
  3. Pick up your materials (gloves & bags)
  4. Clean away and help Saskatoon shine!
  5. Share any snaps of your cleanup using #MeewasinCleanup
  6. Feel accomplished because you are amazing!

New this year – Stewardship Cleanup

Looking for a team building opportunity, or a chance to bond and grow your understanding of natural areas, all while you accomplish an improved environment? The stewardship program invites your organization or group to join a Meewasin guide through the river valley to learn about history, ecology and habitat in the area, as you complete a clean up of a section of the river valley corridor. This stewardship program is a great activity for morale and is a socially responsible method of teambuilding.

Stewardship Program Options:

1. 1-hour tour and cleanup – $300.00
2. Half-day tour and cleanup – $500.00

Please contact us if you’re interested in the stewardship cleanup program.

Waste & Environmental Resources

Safety Information

If there are no bins nearby, people with trucks are encouraged to haul their collected waste and recycled materials to the landfill in their own trucks. If they do not have trucks to haul collected materials to the Saskatoon landfill, they can stack their collected garbage at a park location, and call for pick up by phoning City of Saskatoon Parks Reception: (306-975-3300);

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers from businesses, schools, community associations, and individuals who have generously donated their time and energy every Spring to keep Saskatoon clean, healthy and beautiful!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with Meewasin. Our organization works hard to ensure a healthy and vibrant river valley in Saskatoon and area, and we are so happy to have you contribute!

Saskatoon Caribbean Canadian Cultural Association Cleanup 2019

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Activities to do At Home!

DIY Eco Scavenger Hunt

Become a citizen scientist and help contribute to our understanding of the natural world around us by recording observations of plants, insects and animals using or the iNaturalist app on smartphone!

Download our DIY Eco-Scavenger Hunt below for some ideas of what species to look out for in the Meewasin Valley!

Click to download Meewasin’s Winter DIY Eco Scavenger Hunt
Click to download Meewasin’s Fall DIY Eco Scavenger Hunt
Click here to download the NEW Spring DIY Eco Scavenger Hunt!


Click to download Meewasin’s Summer DIY Eco-Scavenger Hunt

Take a Virtual Tour of Beaver Creek

Experience spring out at Beaver Creek and dive into nature with our interpreter Jamie!

A tour at Beaver Creek Conservation Area is always bursting with wildlife including various animals, plants, and insects! Spring is an especially exciting time, where many species are blooming, or having babies.

Due to COVID-19, Beaver Creek is closed until advisable, but follow along with Jamie’s adventure to see some unique and adorable species found in the Meewasin Valley in Saskatoon & area virtually, until it’s safe to come out again!

Backyard Bingo

Looking for ideas to get some fresh air without having to leave your neighbourhood? Download the ultimate Backyard Bingo that we’ve created to give you outdoor activity ideas to connect with nature Meewasin Valley in and around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and many ecosystems in Canada!

This is a great game to play with children, or anyone who wants to get some quality time outside! Use your senses in the challenges to gain a deeper connection to the environment around you. Share your experience! Tag us on Instagram Facebook & Twitter!

Watch this video of one of our Interpreters, Erica, trying out a few of the activities found in Meewasin’s Backyard Bingo!

Colouring Pages

Print these colouring pages at home and learn about native species in them by visiting our social media pages! Click the photos below to print!

Beaver, Monarch Butterflies, and Aspen Tree
Purple Martin Bird and Yarrow Flower
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and Prairie Rose
Yarrow Wildflower
Meadowlark and Yarrow Flower
Prairie Crocus
Garter Snake and Showy Milkweed Flower
Northern Leopard Frog, Harebells Flowers and Bumble Bee.
Bumble Bees
Prairie Rose
Mule Deer, Meadowlark, Northern Leopard Frog, and prickly rose
Canada Goose and Western Red Lily
Snowy Owl, Northern Harrier and Yarrow Wildflower
Colouring Page
Butterflies and Wildflowers
Western Red Lily
Green Ash Leaves and Monarch Butterflies

Crowsfoot Violet
Harebell Flower

Make Bird Cookies!

Bird cookies – they’re for the birds!

Click here to see full instructions as a PDF

Bird Games

Bird Sound Game

Test your birding IQ with this fun bird sound matching game!

Bird Sounds Game Answers

Crocus Capture

Crocus Capture is a BRAND NEW fun initiative to get excited about spring blooms!

As one of the first wildflowers to make their return in Saskatchewan, Prairie Crocuses are a hopeful sign of Spring and warming temperatures to come.

Get involved in Crocus Capture by capturing a photo of any crocuses you spot in Saskatchewan and sharing it on social media with the #CrocusCapture and tagging any or all organizations involved for a chance to win a prize pack – including Meewasin, Wild About Saskatoon, and the Saskatoon Nature Society.

Find more information on the Crocus Capture Facebook event page!

Pelican Watch

Contest runs annually March 1 – 31.

Guess the arrival of the first pelican to land at the weir for a chance to win a prize pack worth over $500!

Saskatoon residents have special visitors each summer. April through October, pelicans gather by the weir to fish. These birds, once on the endangered species list, have been a beautiful sight on the South Saskatchewan River since the late 1970s. For Saskatoon residents, their arrival is a harbinger of spring.

Photo courtesy of Kirk Hunt
Photo courtesy of Kirk Hunt

With the support of the Saskatoon Nature Society, Meewasin has been holding a Pelican Watch Contest since 1996. Each spring, Saskatoon residents guess the arrival time of the first pelican to Saskatoon to land between the CPR Bridge and the Saskatoon Weir.  However, it is more than a contest. It is an opportunity to learn about the pelican.

The American White Pelican is one of the largest birds on the continent weighing 7 – 10 kg and having a wing span of up to 3 metres.  Breeding birds develop an orange horn on their bill that falls off after nesting season. The breeding birds seen at the weir have likely flown to Saskatoon from Redberry Lake, the site of the nearest colony.  The pelicans make the 160 km trip daily.  In late fall, our pelicans migrate to sites in California, Florida, Mexico and Guatemala.

In the past 24 years, the earliest and latest dates the pelicans have been observed arriving are:

April 2 at 6:25 p.m. and April 20 at 4:36 p.m.

Thank you to our 2021 sponsors!


Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink @Nutrien Plaza

The Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink @Nutrien Plaza is officially closed for the season. 

Given current warming temperatures and expected forecasts for early to mid-March, the Cameco Meewasin Rink @Nutrien Plaza will be closed for the season as of Friday, March 5, 2021.

We want to thank everyone for supporting the Cameco Meewasin Rink @Nutrien Plaza this season!

The Meewasin Rink is closed for the season due to prolonged temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius, as it has lead to melting and ponding conditions that are unsafe for skaters.

Earth Day

Check out these 10 easy tips we’ve compiled for ways to celebrate and take care of our planet!

Click the link below for the infographic that includes links!

Earth Day Infographics

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You can keep the Meewasin Valley healthy and vibrant!

Meewasin relies on donations to steward Saskatoon and area’s most treasured space, the Meewasin Valley. We could not provide the river experience we do without help from you, please consider supporting Meewasin through a one time, yearly or monthly donation.