Activities to do At Home!

There are a lot of interesting, fun, and educational activities you can do at home or on your own time to engage with the natural world! Meewasin has some excellent suggestions for how you can learn about the environment while enjoying the wonders of nature.

Become a citizen scientist and help contribute to our understanding of the natural world around us by recording observations of plants, insects and animals using or the iNaturalist app on smartphone!

Download our seasonal DIY Eco-Scavenger Hunts in the dropdowns below for some ideas of what species to look out for in the Meewasin Valley!

Click to download Meewasin's Winter DIY Eco Scavenger Hunt

Click here to download Meewasin's Spring DIY Eco Scavenger Hunt!
Click to download Meewasin's Summer DIY Eco-Scavenger Hunt
Click to download Meewasin's Fall DIY Eco Scavenger Hunt
Looking for ideas to get some fresh air without having to leave your neighbourhood? Download the ultimate Backyard Bingo that we've created to give you outdoor activity ideas to connect with nature Meewasin Valley in and around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and many ecosystems in Canada!

This is a great game to play with children, or anyone who wants to get some quality time outside! Use your senses in the challenges to gain a deeper connection to the environment around you. Share your experience! Tag us on InstagramFacebook & Twitter!

Watch this video of one of our Interpreters, Erica, trying out a few of the activities found in Meewasin's Backyard Bingo!

Bird cookies - they're for the birds!

Click here to see full instructions as a PDF

Bird Sound Game

Test your birding IQ with this fun bird sound matching game! Bird Sounds Game Answers
Print these colouring pages at home and learn about native species in them by visiting our social media pages! Click the photos in the dropdown menus below to print!