Created in 1979 by an Act of the Province of Saskatchewan, The Meewasin Valley Authority Act, Meewasin is a conservation agency dedicated to conserving the cultural and natural resources of the South Saskatchewan River Valley. It is the means by which the three participating parties (City of Saskatoon, Government of Saskatchewan, and University of Saskatchewan) have chosen to best manage the Meewasin Valley in the South Saskatchewan River Basin. The creation of Meewasin is based on the concept that the partners working together through a single agency – Meewasin – can accomplish more than they could individually.

Mission & Principles

Board of Directors

The Meewasin Board is made up of 4 representatives from each of the three participating parties.

Management Team

Meewasin administration consists of a seven member management team.


Meewasin Advisory Committees

The Meewasin Board of Directors is advised on matters of policy by five committees, comprised of members of the public.




Meewasin in the News

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Meewasin Awards

Meewasin Awards are given to a number of individuals for a variety of reasons but most of all because of their dedicated support for Meewasin.