2014 was another successful summer with sheep!

Meewasin is very pleased to report that, through the support of the RBC Blue Water Project, we had over 380 sheep grazing in the Meewasin Northeast Swale for approximately one month this summer. Meewasin was delighted to be able to work once again with shepherd and educator Jared Epp. Thanks to Jared, our public grazing demonstration at Beaver Creek was also a tremendous success. Grazing is a very important and cost effective means of maintaining large natural areas like the Meewasin Northeast Swale as it mimics natural disturbance regimes to promote biodiversity. The grazing this year helped with shrub encroachment from wolf willow, a native shrub, as well as removing invasive species such as smooth brome, Kentucky bluegrass and sow thistle.

Meewasin continues to pursue other management tools throughout the valley that are intended to mimic natural disturbance regimes, including controlled burns.

A big thank you to RBC Blue Water Project for their support of these programs!”

Resource Management

Meewasin follows a comprehensive plan to:

  • Act as a conservation agency
  • Initiate a land stewardship program
  • Maintain resource management of the river valley
  • Restore damaged areas of the valley
  • Green the valley (afforestation)
  • Enhance, restore and/or create wildlife habitat areas
  • Preserve remaining natural areas in the valley
  • Protect the natural and heritage resources 
  • Encourage river stewardship

Meewasin promotes and maintains biodiversity and ecological integrity within the valley with a program that includes grazing, controlled burns, seeding, mowing, planting and eradication of alien invasive species (i.e. noxious weeds).



Meewasin encourages volunteers to work together to protect, enhance, restore, and beautify the valley. Volunteers perform tasks to complement the work of the City of Saskatoon and Meewasin crews.

These volunteer "Stewards" help maintain sections of the riverbank, plant trees in the Meewasin nursery, collect seeds from native plants, clean up garbage, mulch wood chip trails and wrap trees to prevent beaver damage. 

For more information about our Stewardship program, please call Meewasin at 306-665-6887.

RBC Science of Water

Meewasin and Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin are spearheading a stewardship program to study the South Saskatchewan River with the interpretive canoe program.

Meewasin Northeast Swale

The Meewasin Northeast Swale is an ancient river channel that begins at Peturrson’s Ravine and carves a 26km long path adjacent to the South Saskatchewan River.