Opened in the summer of 2009 as part of the Meewasin Riverfront at River Landing development, the Saskatchewan River Basin Water Spray Feature is a Meewasin creation made possible through the support of the City of Saskatoon, the Government of Saskatchewan, the Government of Canada and corporate donors and public donation. It is a model of the 420,000 square kilometres of the Saskatchewan River Basin that spans three Canadian provinces and one American state.  Its themes are based on the geography and hydrology of the basin as well as its people, its wetlands, its wildlife and its history.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk from Saskatoon to Edmonton?  Well now you can!  And it will only take you a few short minutes.  Have you ever wondered how far it is from Swift Current to Medicine Hat?  Count your steps – every step you take is approximately 100 km.  Measure your way across the Prairies…or explore your way across, discovering treasures, the routes of the rivers, the old fort trails, the geological formations, the mineral resources and the flora and fauna that make us in the Saskatchewan River Basin unique.

In the River Landing water spray feature you can find water bodies, cities, forts, borders, animal tracks, footprints and various embedded shapes.  More than 120 features are listed in the water spray brochure that can be picked up at the Meewasin Valley Centre, open seven day a week.  The brochure is ideal for parents and care givers as they educate their children about the river basin providing corresponding numbers and descriptions of the embedded features.

A Walk Along the River - Saskatchewan River Basin Water Spray Feature map

The Saskatchewan River Basin and its tributaries are essential to the well being of Saskatoon and area.  The waterways provide water for our industries, for agriculture (millions of hectares of farmland and pastureland) and for drinking water (for more than three million people).  They are also used for recreation and to generate electricity.