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 CLOSED August 13th 2019 for a staff meeting

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CLOSED Tuesday June 11 2019 for a staff meeting

CLOSED September 10 2019 for a staff meeting

CLOSED October 8 2019 for a staff meeting

CLOSED November 5 2019 for a staff meeting

CLOSED December 10 2019 for a staff meeting


For more information call 306-374-2474 

Beaver Creek Conservation Area runs from the Brightwater Marsh area to the South Saskatchewan River 90 km away. When meandering is taken into account, the length of the creek is more than 270 km. Habitation and kill sites found at Beaver Creek indicate the area has been occupied for more than 5,000 years. One of a small number of uncultivated short-grass prairie areas preserved in Saskatchewan, the current site has been used as a nature park since 1913.

Located 13 km south of Saskatoon off Highway #219, BCCA was established in 1979.  An interpretive centre opened in 1984.  A microcosm of the Meewasin Valley, it is located where a prairie creek meets a prairie river.  BCCA contains remnant sandhills prairie complexes which provide a unique habitat for grassland birds, wildflowers and home for numerous species at risk including the sand-dune reliant Smooth Goosefoot, and the ground nesting Common Nighthawk. The beavers that live there play an important role in keeping the creek habitat teeming with wildlife.  Beavers build dams that flood waters upstream, creating beaver ponds.  Many plants and animals make their homes in these sheltered ponds. The interpretive centre and staff provide opportunities to discover nature during all four seasons along a selection of nature trails.

Beaver Creek Conservation Area offers the general public and schools opportunities to discover the wonders of nature. Hands-on activities in the Interpretive Centre give children the opportunity to learn more about Saskatchewan's wildlife. Their experience is enhance through creative play such as the puppet theatre, and the SaskEnergy Beaver Pond. A selection of four nature trails are available year-round for all ages to enjoy.

Please note that no dogs are allowed at this site.

Beaver Creek Conservation Area is located approximately 13 km south of Saskatoon. Starting at Lorne Avenue, take Highway #219 south of Saskatoon. After about 12 km you will see a sign Beaver Creek East, do not turn here, continue past this sign about 1 km to a sign on the right reading "Beaver Creek Conservation Area." Turn right (west) and follow the winding road to the parking lot.

Interested in BCCA's programming?
Please visit the Events page for information on upcoming events and programs at the Beaver Creek Conservation Area.

Group Programs by Request
Beaver Creek Conservation Area is pleased to offer a variety of year-round nature programs to organized groups upon request. Please contact us for program details and pricing. 306-374-2474.

Grade Five and other Group programs


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