Meewasin has partnered with shepherd Jared Epp for another series of targeted conservation grazing at Beaver Creek Conservation Area (BCCA) this summer into fall!

The goal of the grazing project is to:
- Return natural disturbance to the area as prairies evolved under grazing and fire.
- Enhance wildlife habitat at BCCA to improve grassland bird habitat, increase biodiversity, and improve habitat for species at risk
- Manage invasive species including non-native grasses and forbs as well as to reduce shrub cover
- Provide outreach opportunities to learn more about the role of grazing plays in managing native prairie.

Sheep will be at Beaver Creek Conservation Area:
- August 30 to September 1
- September 13 – 20
- October 1 – 4

Each day there will be a sheep stock dog demonstration at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM - with the exception of the Mondays & weekends (Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th the demos will begin at 1:00PM and again at 3:00PM and Monday the 16th there will be no demonstrations) ; Jared will be using his border collies to move the sheep around on site for grazing. The demonstration sessions are open to the public and will be to show the use of dogs as a tool in managing livestock including sheep for grazing operations.

Please contact Renny Grilz with any questions: 306-262-4970 or

See you there!