Meewasin, with the support of Loraas Disposal and the City of Saskatoon, is once again planning to make Saskatoon shine with the annual Meewasin Volunteer Clean Up of its riverbanks, parks and city streets. With the support of Loraas Disposal and the City of Saskatoon, Meewasin is promoting the Meewasin Spring Clean Up beginning Earth Day, Sunday, April 22 - May 19, 2018.

Last year's Clean Up Campaign counted more than 30,000 Saskatonians who donated their time and effort to this annual event to make Saskatoon Shine. Individuals, families, schools, community groups, companies and corporations are invited to participate. Choose an area of the river valley, a park or a school ground to clean, or if you are a corporation/company have one assigned to you.

Loraas Disposal has donated and placed garbage and recycling dumpsters in six locations in the valley: Meewasin Park North, The Weir, the Meewasin Valley Centre parking lot, Rotary Park parking lot, Diefenbaker Park and south of the Meewasin Northeast Swale.

  • The public are encouraged to clean the river valley bringing their own garbage bag and using the dumpsters provided. There is no prior registration;
  • Companies & Corporations participating in Meewasin Clean Up can register for, or be assigned to an area of the river valley by calling (306-665-6887) or emailing Michelle Day at Companies are encouraged to haul their collected waste and recyled materials to the landfill in their own trucks - Thank you;
  • Communities throughout Saskatoon are encouraged to clean parks and natural areas. If they do not have trucks to haul collected materials to the Saskatoon landfill, they can stack their collected garbage at a park location, and call for pick up by phoning City of Saskatoon Parks Reception: (306-975-3300);
  • Safety: Discarded hypo needles have become a growing concern in Saskatoon. Too often they are found in parks near playgrounds and schools. In 1998 Saskatoon Fire Department and Public Health Services launched a needle pick up program: Protocol: Needle drop off or call 306-655-4644. Ensure children never pick up needles. Notify an adult or call Saskatoon Fire Department 306-975-3030 or Public Health 306-655-4444.

Volunteers from businesses, schools, community assocations, other groups, and individuals generously donated their time and energy every Spring to keep Saskatoon clean, healthy and beautiful! 

Saskatoon businesses and employees can choose a clean up time at any time of the year.

Needle Safety & Disposal Instructions