Your Meewasin is a special place that is all your own. The memories you’ve created here are enough to last a lifetime.  From family picnics, to epic journeys down winding trails, to those quiet moments when you’ve escaped the noise of the city to simply sit and be still, Meewasin Valley is an opportunity to connect with those you care about and to reconnect with nature. This bond you feel with Meewasin is shared by so many in our community, who have each had the opportunity to connect with the land. They too have seen for themselves what a gift Meewasin is for their families and their entire community.

If you believe that this precious gift should be sustained and enhanced for years to come, we invite you to step into the Meewasin Green Circle – a collective of Meewasin’s most dedicated supporters. Download the Brochure and Form or contact us at or at 306-665-6887 to learn more and sign up.