Current Meewasin Trail Enhancements

The area of Beaver Creek Conservation Area is where prairie creek meets prairie river.

In this area, erosion and slumping is common along the banks of Beaver Creek. Due to the impacts of this ongoing natural process, two of the three bridges on-site are being repaired in 2022 so that they can continue to be used and enjoyed as part of the overall trail system.

Three pedestrian bridges are part of the trail system on site. They were inspected in 2021 and it was determined that the south and east bridge required repairs due to erosion. Based on the inspection the following was determined:
  1. The west bridge (yellow trail): Is functioning with no concerns.
  2. The south bridge (red trail): Requires remediation of the north abutment to replace the current foundation.
  3. The east bridge: Slumping has impacted the trail connection on the east bank. It has been repaired and re-opened after some channel modifications and new decking and railings were installed.
The plan involves the following key items:

East Bridge

Repairs have been completed and the bridge and associated trails are open for use.

South Bridge

Provide an equipment access route down the slope in order to proceed with repairs (completed April 2022).

Close the south bridge and associated trails (red) in order to undertake the bridge repair (September 2022).

All remaining trails and the other two bridges will remain open.

Repair the north bank bridge foundation. This involves installing two new screw piles and extending the two bridge trusses to rest on the new piles. The adjacent stairs will be removed and replaced as part of the work.

Re-open the south bridge and connecting red trail.

Restore any disturbed adjacent areas.  
The area, adjacent to Kinsmen Park runs between the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan site and Nutrien Wonderhub. The project includes the development of 300 linear metres of new primary trail through the site, 140 linear metres of secondary trail (north from the dock along the river), and new stairs and ramps from the Nutrien Wonderhub down to the Prairie Lily dock (replacing existing). Trail connection to the new washroom facility is also included in this project. Significant new planting areas are planned for adjacent areas.

Funding for this project is supported by the Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program through the COVID Resiliency Stream.

This work will tie in directly with the parking lot and pedestrian connections that were completed in 2021. You can watch the video showcasing the project and proposed design HERE and review the information document, containing drawings and maps HERE.

This work is now underway, during which time the primary trail will be closed to the public adjacent to the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan site.

Trail users will be detoured to the bypass along Spadina or through the Shakespeare site trail.

Kinsmen Riverfront Trail & Site Enhancement: Concept Plan 

The ongoing construction includes:
  1. Stairs, ramps and Secondary Trail Enhancements (not impacting the primary trail) – north hatched area
  2. Primary trail adjacent to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan (with two possible detours for primary trail users – highlighted in orange).
Directions for trail users coming from the south:
  1. Detour option 1 – Use the granular, temporary surface along the east side of Spadina Crescent, returning to the primary trail through the parking lot
  2. Detour option 2 – Use the secondary trail through the Shakespeare site, returning using the secondary trail north of Shakespeare
The area spans from the Traffic Bridge to Kinsmen Park.

The work includes enhancements to 1.5 km of existing primary Meewasin Trail and adjacent areas through Friendship Park, Kiwanis Memorial Park and the trail connection under the University Bridge.

You can watch the video showcasing the project and proposed design HERE and review the information document, containing drawings and maps HERE. This project has been approved to proceed by the Meewasin Board and the City of Saskatoon.

This project will be completed in phases, starting with Kiwanis Memorial Park South, from the Broadway Bridge north to the Bessborough Gardens. This first phase is currently being designed, with a construction start date to be determined.
Southwest Trail enhancements in progress Saskatoon Meewasin

The area, adjacent to the Holiday Park neighbourhood, starts at the Gordie Howe Bridge and continues north to the Sanatorium Site. The project includes the development of 1.3 kilometers of new primary trail through the site, including enhancements to adjacent areas. The planned trail will be developed on the existing Spadina Crescent road (now closed to vehicles). You can watch the video showcasing the project and proposed design HERE and review the information document, containing drawings and maps HERE. This project is near complete and now open for use. Remaining items to complete (seeding, site furniture, lighting and signage) will be undertaken later in 2021 and into 2022, and will not result in any significant restrictions for users. Please see Southwest Enhancements – Board Resolution.
The area, adjacent to the River Heights neighbourhood, starts at Capilano Drive at the west end and continues east to Spadina Crescent, through Meewasin Park. The project includes the development of 1.4 kilometers of new primary trail through the site (where no trail currently exists), including upgrades to existing trail sections, and enhancements to adjacent areas.

Construction for the season is near complete with most of the site open for use.

You can watch the video showcasing the project HERE. Review the information document, containing drawings, FAQs, and maps HERE. Please see River Heights Enhancements – Board Resolution.