The 2014-2024 Strategic Plan is a document that will guide the work of Meewasin for the next 10 years. The document presents a vision for the Meewasin Valley articulated through 3 major themes:

  • Healthy and Vibrant;
  • Sense of Community; and
  • Protecting the Legacy.

In creating this plan, Meewasin had significant public and stakeholders support. We received input through a public open house, an online survey, and multiple workshops and presentations. The plan is a synthesis of what Meewasin heard from stakeholders.

We heard from residents that the Meewasin Valley is a unique and world-class feature that must be protected and supported. This report looks at how to achieve that; it identifies key directions necessary to achieve the vision and respond to growth.

Key projects outlined in the plan include:

  • Ensuring significant natural areas are conserved as the city grows;
  • Refreshing trail infrastructure to respond to high level of users and aging assets;
  • Renewing conservation and interpretation concepts focused on hands-on experiences and participation to enable stewardship;
  • Programming in the valley in all seasons to ensure the valley is a hub of activity year-round; and
  • Extending the trail and including new sections to meet the growth of the city.

Read the report online, A World-Class Corridor, Naturally Beautiful, Uniquely Ours. A vision for the Meewasin Valley 2014 -2024.