Accolades for Meewasin

Meewasin has been recognized on numerous occasions, both locally and internationally.

Meewasin Conservation Award

Presented annually in recognition of an outstanding contribution to conservation.

Friend of Meewasin Award

The Friend of Meewasin Awards are presented to volunteers in recognition of outstanding contributions to support the work of Meewasin. 

Recipients to Date include:

  • Gordon Wilson (2005)
  • Ron and Muriel Bremner (2004)
  • Roland Muir (2003)
  • Margaret (Peggy) McKercher (2002)
  • Dennis Johnson (2001)

Emeritus Award

The term Emeritus refers to one who is retired but retains an honorary title corresponding to that held immediately before retirement.
Meewasin has Awarded Emeritus titles to:
  • Wes Bolstad, CEO Emeritus (2007)
  • John Gerstmar, Resource Conservation Manager Emeritus (2007)

Life Time Director Award

In recognition of their contributions to Meewasin and its work,  Margaret (Peggy) & Robert McKercher were presented with Lifetime Director Awards in 2002.

Honorary Endowments

Meewasin has a number of endowment funds named in honor of appreciation for the commitments made to Meewasin:

  • The Robin McMasters Smith Memorial Lecture Fund
  • The Wes Bolstad Fund for Meewasin Valley (Managed by the Saskatoon Community Foundation)
  • The Susan Lamb Fund for Meewasin Conservation (Managed by the Saskatoon Community Foundation)

To donate to any of these funds, note the name of the fund on your donation.