Please be sure to read the instructions before filling out the application form. If you have any questions, please contact our Planning and Conservation Manager at 306-665-6887 or via email.


Development Review is the tool used by Meewasin to ensure that changes made to the river channel and lands within Meewasin’s jurisdiction are compatible with the Authority’s development plan.
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Development Plan

Under the Meewasin Valley Authority Act, Meewasin has the authority to coordinate or control the use, development, conservation, maintenance and improvement of public land in accordance with the development plan.


Requirements to submit an application.
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Application Fee

Application Form

The online application is currently being updated. Please download the fillable pdf or contact the Planning and Resource Manager at 306-665-6887 or via email


Upcoming meetings and deadlines for applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions about the development review process.
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Required Information

Ensure that you have assembled all the information below before submitting an application.
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Meewasin Jurisdiction

Some areas within the conservation zone have been exempted from the Development Review process through bylaw.

Click to View Larger Map. Open the legend, located in the top left corner of the header, for a description of the different areas within Meewasin's jurisdiction. To view a specific area of the map use the zoom + / - in the top left portion of the map.


Review the policy to ensure compliance for a timely review.