Meewasin Trail Upgrades:  Upgrades in the Kinsmen Park area are currently being planned and will be implemented over a number of years starting in 2019. Work planned for 2019 will include upgrades to the secondary trail from the primary trail near the Shakespeare main gate, heading down to the Prairie Lily dock. This new asphalt trail will significantly improve access through this area and tie in with upgrades planned by Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, which includes trails on their site. Work on the Meewasin trail will be underway in August and continue until the end of the construction season in 2019. Trail closures and detours will be in place during construction as needed to complete the work.Check out the map for construction here.

SW Gap / Holiday Park - Trail Development: With the pending closure of a section of Spadina Crescent by the City of Saskatoon in this area, planning is underway to convert the closed road to Primary Meewasin Trail, filling the gap in the network from the Sanatorium site, south to the Gordie Howe Bridge, on the west bank of the river.

Greenway Development: Aspen Ridge Neighbourhood: This project borders the Meewasin Northeast Swale adjacent to the Aspen Ridge Neighborhood. Work will be wrapped up in 2019.

Meewasin Northeast Swale Master Plan: Click here to learn more. With funding provided by the City of Saskatoon, Meewasin will be continuing with the initial phases of work within the swale. This will include primary trail development on the north side of Fedoruk Road within the road right of way. Wildlife friendly fence installation is ongoing through 2019, with most sections now complete.

Chief Whitecap Park Master Plan Implementation: The project will be implemented over a number of years subject to funding. You can review the Master Plan here. The off-leash area fencing and signage is complete. Future work includes Meewasin / Great Trail development and amenity installation that is planned for 2020.  The restoration work and planting planned for the site will be undertaken over a number of years.

Meewasin Northeast Sector Trail Expansion: Fill out the following survey to help Meewasin understand how people are using the trails in the Northeast sector of the Meewasin Trails here

Meewasin is busy at work planning the next expansion of the Meewasin Trail and we want to know what the public thinks. We have released a short survey to help us to understand how people are moving through the Northeast area of the Meewasin River Valley and what they might like to see within this area in the future.

The Meewasin Trail Study, completed in 2014, looked at many design considerations regarding the current trail system, including capacity, usage, and gaps in connectivity.  One of the outcomes of this study was recognizing that crucial connections are missing, including Sutherland Beach to Crocus Prairie (south) and Crocus Prairie (north) to Peggy McKercher Conservation Area.  Not within the 2014 study, but an exciting recent opportunity, is to connect the exiting trail to the Chief Mistawasis Bridge, effectively completing a complete loop between the east and west side trails in the north of Saskatoon.

While designing trail layouts, Meewasin's goal is "to provide an integrated network of trail linkages of types, and in locations, that assist in the conservation of natural and cultural heritage resources. (Meewasin Valley Trail System Plan, Crosby Hanna & Associates, 1981)  Recognizing this priority for trail development in the northeast sector, Meewasin initiated a master plan to determine the conceptual layout of the trail through this area. Information is currently being gathered regarding features of cultural and natural significance, so the placement of the trail is informed; in keeping with Meewasin's values, we want to avoid sensitive areas while educating while also providing opportunities for people to learn about and connect to the Meewasin Valley.  We invite you to share what you know about this area and what you think we should consider as we plan for the trail.

Please follow to fill out the survey!

The Trail Study, completed in 2014 looked at aspects like capacity, usage and gaps in the current trail system. The Meewasin Valley Trail System Plan identified two major objectives through this process:

1. “To provide an integrated network of linkages, throughout the length of the Meewasin Valley, which provides reasonable access (for all residents of, and visitors to, Saskatoon area) to recreational and interpretive opportunities in and near the valley (The recreation and interpretation goal)” (Crosby Hanna & Associates 1981, 2).

2. “To provide trail linkages of types and in locations that will assist in the conservation (or preservation, as appropriate) of the natural and cultural heritage resources and areas in the valley. (The resource protection goal)” (Crosby Hanna & Associates 1981, 2).

This lead to the development of priorities for trail construction that include the North East Trail section.