The RBC Blue Water Project has helped Meewasin to conduct a citizen science study of the South Saskatchewan River that we call RBC Science of Water. Students from many elementary schools had the opportunity to participate in a water sampling process and to study the effects of nitrogen and phosphorous on the South Saskatchewan River. These two nutrients can have damaging effects on down stream water bodies, such as Lake Winnipeg, and on the overall health of the river. By monitoring nitrogen and phosphorous we are able to determine what action is required to maintain the river valley.  In addition, the RBC Blue Water Project supported conservation work in the Meewasin Northeast Swale, which is an important part of the local river basin.

The RBC Science of Water program used the Meewasin Interpretive Canoe Program and the Beaver Creek Interpretive Program to aid in the water sampling and provide an added learning resource for participants.  Each participant was also asked to take action to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous use in our city.

Over 1200 youth participated in the RBC Science of Water program this past year, from:

Brownell School                                           Westmount School

Kenaston School                                          Mayfair School

Dr. John G. Egnatoff School                       Fairhaven School

Greystone School                                         St. Philip School

Vincent Massey Community School         Pleasant Hill School

Lakeview School                                            Buena Vista School

Ecology Camp                                                Zoo Camp

Calder Center                                                 Big Brothers & Big Sisters