Meewasin follows a comprehensive plan to:

  • Act as a conservation agency;
  • Initiate a land stewardship program;
  • Maintain resource management of the river valley;
  • Restore damaged areas of the valley;
  • Green the valley (afforestation);
  • Enhance, restore and/or create wildlife habitat areas;
  • Preserve remaining natural areas in the valley;
  • Protect the natural and heritage resources; and
  • Encourage river stewardship.

In 2015, Meewasin secured funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada to create a conservation action plan called the Valley-wide Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the Meewasin Valley, which will guide Meewasin's conservation efforts over the next decade. Approved by Meewasin, March 3, 2017, the plan was developed in partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and engaged more than 50 stakeholders with representatives from all levels of government.

The RMP identified four conservation targets; rivers and creeks, swales, native grasslands, and wetlands. Threats were assessed and ranked, with the largest threat to the Meewasin Valley identified as invasive species. Other highly ranked threats include: dams and storm water management, runoff of pesticides and fertilizers, suburban developoment, trespass issues, fire and suppression and regional climate change. 

The RMP also identified more than 180 key conservation actions by Meewasin. Partnerships with like-minded organizations were identified as key to implementing the plan.

Meewasin continues to pursue other management tools throughout the valley that are intended to mimic natural disturbance regimes, including controlled burns.

The Meewasin mandate is to ensure a healthy and vibrant river valley for now and future generations with a balance between human use and conservation by:

  • Providing leadership in the management of resources;
  • Promoting understanding, conservation and beneficial use of the valley; and
  • Undertaking programs and projects in River Valley development and conservation.

Meewasin Valley-wide Resource Management Plan

Meewasin Valley-wide Resource Management Plan (RMP) 2017 - 2027 Poster