Meewasin promotes and maintains biodiversity and ecological integrity within the valley with an integrated approach to invasive species management. This approach has seen positive results since 2015 with significant reduction of invasive species being observed. This includes reduction in provincially-designated noxious weeds of Common Tansy, Leafy Spurge, Absinthe, Baby's Breath, and Nodding Thistle. 

Some of the common Invasives found in the Meewasin Valley:

Leafy Spurge

Dames Rocket

Common Tansy

Wild Parsnip

Ornamental Invasives / Plantes ornementales de retour à l’état sauvage

For more information on invasive species in Saskatchewan visit Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council

Meewasin's European Buckthorn Program

Leafy Spurge Beetle Release

As part of the integrated approach, 67,500 leafy spurge beetles were collected, in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities and Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture at the beginning of July. These beetles were released at 2 locations in the flood plain of the South Saskatchewan River on vacant crown land near Chief Whitecap Park and the City of Saskatoon’s land known as Flood Plain Flats south of Poplar Bluffs Conservation Area (leafy spurge was discovered at this site this spring). These beetles are best used in areas where access is limited for other control techniques.