The Design Advisory Commitee assists the Meewasin Board in its work to ensure "fit" as defined in the "100 Year Conceptual Plan," of the built environment in the context of the nature valley environment. It can advise the Board on proactive design policies for improvements on public land in accordance with the Meewasin Development Plan; on public needs relative to design standards; and assess the artistic merit of proposed cultural art.

The committee has between 5 and 10 members and consists of one board member and professionals from design fields such as landscape architecture, architecture, urban and environmental design, recreation planning and visual arts.

Current Committee Members are:

  • Board Representative - Fran Walley
  • Chair - Vacant
  • Natalie Walliser - Vice-Chair
  • Danny Gray
  • Marilyn Gould
  • Chris Schulz
  • Luc Delanoy