The Meewasin board has advisory committees appointed from the general public.

Public ownership in decision making is one of Meewasin’s five guiding principles. Meewasin has five advisory committees made up of individuals appointed by the board: Development Review, Conservation, Design, Education and Fund Development, which are invaluable to the work of the Meewasin.

Development Review Committee

The Development Review Committee is created under The Meewasin Valley Authority Act to provide professional and unbiased recommendations regarding the acceptability of proposed improvements within the Meewasin Valley.

Conservation Advisory Committee

The Conservation Advisory Committee advises the Meewasin board in its work to ensure the health of the Meewasin Valley and the conservation of the natural and cultural assets.

Design Advisory Committee

The Design Advisory Committee advises the Meewasin board in its work by providing recommendations regarding design policies, standards and art placements.

Education Advisory Committee

The Education Advisory Committee advises the Meewasin board on policy development in education.

Fund Development Cabinet

The Fund Development Cabinet actively participates in delivering a fund development plan to generate philanthropic revenue in support of the mission and mandate of the Meewasin Valley Authority.