How to Stay Mentally Healthy in Winter

Winter is coming.

And let’s be real, surviving the cold winter months isn’t easy. Those dark days can be tough on our mental health. With limited sunshine and reduced motivation to move, falling into a seasonal slump is totally normal. But don’t you worry. In this blog, Meewasin will suggest some things you can do to keep your mental health in good shape this winter.

Stay Active
It can be hard to motivate yourself when it’s cold and dark outside, but getting at least four days of exercise for at least thirty minutes can help. Exercising can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression by releasing endorphins in your brain, a chemical that makes you feel good. Consider going to the gym, doing yoga, or swimming at an indoor pool.

Eat Healthy
This might sound like a no-brainer, but what you eat during the winter months could make a difference in how you feel physically and mentally. Although winter coincides with many holidays where you might be eating extra treats, be sure to include foods that are antioxidant rich, contain Vitamin C and potassium. Also make sure you’re staying hydrated by drinking enough water every day.

Spend Time Outdoors
Being outdoors can do wonders for relieving anxiety, stress, and depression. Countless studies have proven that nature has a positive effect on your mental health. What you see, hear, and experience in nature can improve your mood in a moment. Explore the Meewasin Valley this winter! Visit the Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink @Nutrien Plaza, discover nature and wildlife in your backyard, and hike, ski or bike the trails!

Maintain Your Social Life
Research shows that humans benefit from being social and having good friendships. In the winter, it can be hard to have the motivation to get off the couch and do something on a gloomy day. Spending time with loved ones can boost your mood. If you have a small social circle or not many good relationships in your life, a good alternative to interacting with folks is volunteering or joining some sort of extracurricular group!

While the changing season brings change, it doesn’t have to create unwanted stress that negatively affects your mental and physical health. Take measures to actively take care of your mental and physical health so you can feel great and truly enjoy the new season!