Meewasin is hoping to make Saskatoon shine by cleaning up its riverbanks, parks and city streets. With the support of Loraas Disposal and the City of Saskatoon, Meewasin is promoting the Meewasin Spring Clean-up Campaign April 22 - May 19, 2017.

Last year's Clean-up Campaign counted more than 30,000 Saskatonians who donated their time and effort to this annual event to keep Saskatoon beautiful. Individuals, families, schools, community groups, companies and coporations are invited to participate. Choose an area of the river valley to clean, or have one assigned to you.

For the past 36 years, Meewasin benefited from major corporate sponsorship, however, such is not the case this year. Garbage bags will not be supplied. The public are asked to bring their own.

Thank you to Loraas for placing garbage and recycling bins at 6 locations in the valley (Meewasin Park North, The Weir, Meewasin Valley Centre, Rotary Park Parking Lot, Diefenbaker Park, and south of the Northeast Swale). And thank you to the City of Saskatoon who will again provide pick up of collected garbage by community groups.

Corporate sponsors or groups wanting to be assigned to clean a specific are of the valley should contact Andrew Whiting at Meewasin. Those wanting to be assigned an area to clean should also contact Andrew Whiting or 306-665-6887. Thank you.

It costs Meewasin $20,000 annually to coordinate and supply a Clean up Campaign, and we are now looking for a sponsor for this spring of 2017.  If you or your organization has an interest in sponsoring this publicly supported annual event (30,000 registrants in 2016), please contact Meewasin at 306-665-6887 for more information. 

2016 marked the 36th annual city-wide Clean Up Campaign organized by Meewasin. It was another record year with over 30,000 participants, and was the final year of partnership with Affinity Credit Union. Meewasin thanks Affinity Credit Union for 17 years of sponsorship and support.

Volunteers from businesses, schools, community assocations, other groups, and individuals generously donated their time and energy every Spring to keep Saskatoon clean, healthy and beautiful! Participants who signed up with the Clean Up Campaign, either as a group or individual, have chosen the area they clean or had one assigned to them. Thank you also to Loraas Disposal  for providing recycle and garbage bins througout the Meewasin Valley during the past Spring campaigns.

For the school information package and sample lesson plans, click here.

Saskatoon businesses and employees can choose a clean up time at any time of the year.

Needle Safety & Disposal Instructions

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 306-665-6887, or email us.

Have fun with friends and family and enjoy Saskatoon while you are helping our community.

We are all responsible for a clean environment. Do your part and sign up!

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