Meewasin is a registered charity. Approximately 35% of its revenue comes from non-statutory sources to support its conservation, development and education initiatives. Meewasin seeks support from the public and private sector to support these same programs. It does this through ongoing fund development programs and capital campaigns.

Current Committee Members are:
Tracy Arno
Scott Borys
Robin Chapman
Peter Goode
Doug Hodson
Evan Howlett
Susan Lamb
Toddi Steelman
Clay Sparks
Trevor Forrest

Meewasin Matters Campaign 2013 - 2015

Meewasin would like to extend sincere thanks to our Meewasin Matters Campaign Committee. These community leaders led the planning and fundraising for the recently completed Meewasin Matters Trail Campaign. The Campaign raised $8M to extend the Meewasin Trail to Wanuskewin Heritage Park in the northwest and Chief Whitecap Park in the southeast. With their support, volunteers and donors enabled Meewasin to access significant one-time funding available from Trans Canada Trail for new trail development. Thank you to Co-Chairs Darlene Bessey and Ken Pontikes for a successful campaign.

Committee Members were:

  • Darlene Bessey (Co-Chair)
  • Ken Pontikes (Co-Chair)
  • Dale Botting
  • Robin Chapman
  • Dr. Effie Kutsogiannis
  • Susan Lamb
  • Brian Michasiw
  • Patricia Roe
  • Clay Sparks
  • Jack Vicq
  • Cathy Watts
  • Kim Ali - Meewasin Capital Campaign Coordinator
  • Gwen Charman - Meewasin Director of Operations
  • Doug Porteous - Meewasin Community Development Manager
  • Lloyd Isaak - Meewasin Chief Executive Officer

Honorary Committee Members were:

  • Janet Postle (Co-Chair)
  • Art Postle (Co-Chair)
  • Chief Darcy Bear
  • Lloyd Beazley
  • Dr. Ivan Jen
  • Lionel LaBelle
  • Anita Langford
  • Graham Langford
  • Peggy McKercher
  • Rita Mirwald
  • Tom Molloy
  • Glen Penner
  • Edie Riekman
  • Tom Stack
  • Dr. Suzanne Yip