miýwâsin is nȇhiyawȇwin/Cree for ‘it is beautiful’ 

Meewasin is a non-profit organization that exists to ensure a healthy and vibrant river valley, with a balance between human use and conservation, for the benefit of present and future generations, in Saskatoon & area.

Created in 1979 by an Act of the Government of Saskatchewan, The Meewasin Valley Authority Act, Meewasin is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving the cultural and natural resources of the South Saskatchewan River Valley.

It is the means by which the three participating parties (City of Saskatoon, Government of Saskatchewan, and University of Saskatchewan) have chosen to best manage the Meewasin Valley in the South Saskatchewan River Basin. The creation of Meewasin is based on the concept that the partners working together through a single agency – Meewasin – can accomplish more than they could individually.

*Please note that due to COVID-19, the Meewasin Main Office will be closed until further notice. Contact Meewasin by email: meewasin@meewasin.com and by phone: 306-665-6887.

Mission & Principles


The Meewasin Valley Authority exists to ensure a healthy and vibrant river valley, with a balance between human use and conservation by:

  • Providing leadership in the management of its resources;
  • Promoting understanding, conservation and beneficial use of the Valley; and
  • Undertaking programs and projects in river valley development and conservation,

for the benefit of present and future generations.

Guiding Principles

Meewasin has and will continue to apply the following five fundamental principles in planning the Valley.

  • Valley’s resources are accessible to everyone;
  • Conserve natural and heritage resources;
  • Recreation and development balanced with conservation;
  • Diverse activities for a varied and changing demographic; and
  • Public participation in decision making.

These principles will be generally common to subsequent development strategies, and will guide the formation and implementation of all plans and resource management strategies, including each Strategic Plan.

Moriyama Plan

Each year Meewasin planning is guided by Raymond Moriyama’s The Meewasin Valley Project – 100 Year Concept Plan, Moriyama 1978, the foundation document for the Meewasin overall development plan today. Meewasin initiatives strive toward the outcomes of health, fit, balance and vibrancy.

Board of Directors

Government of Saskatchewan Appointees

Marv Friesen, MLA

Mark Feader

Nydia Pobran

Gurpartap Kals

University of Saskatchewan Appointees

Peter Stoicheff, President, U of S

Colin Tennent, Board Chair

Ryan Walker, College of Arts and Science

Yuguang Bai, College of Agriculture and Bioresources

City of Saskatoon Appointees

Charlie Clark, Mayor

Sarina Gersher, Councillor

David Kirton, Councillor

Bev Dubois, Councillor

The Meewasin Team

For opportunities to join our team click here!

Management Team

To reach any of the management team members by telephone please call 306-665-6887. To email please use the links below.

Andrea Lafond, Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Ziegler, Director of Operations

Mike Velonas, Manager of Planning and Conservation

Alan Otterbein, Manager of Design and Development

Amy Wall, Manager of Marketing and Fund Development

Magel Sutherland, Manager of Education and Experiences

Michelle Pomedli, Executive Assistant / Office Manager


Strategic Plan

The 2014-2024 Strategic Plan is a document that will guide Meewasin to 2024.

During the engagement sessions, we heard from residents that the Meewasin Valley is a unique and world-class feature that must be protected and supported. This report looks at how to achieve that; it identifies key directions necessary to achieve the vision and respond to growth.

Key projects outlined in the plan include:

  • Ensuring significant natural areas are conserved as the city grows;
  • Refreshing trail infrastructure to respond to high level of users and aging assets;
  • Renewing conservation and interpretation concepts focused on hands-on experiences and participation to enable stewardship;
  • Programming in the valley in all seasons to ensure the valley is a hub of activity year-round; and
  • Extending the trail and including new sections to meet the growth of the city.

Read the report online, A World-Class Corridor, Naturally Beautiful, Uniquely Ours. A vision for the Meewasin Valley 2014 -2024 and begin to think now your thoughts on Meewasin and it’s future direction.

Advisory Committees

The Meewasin Board of Directors is advised on matters of policy by five committees comprised of members of the public. Public ownership in decision making is one of Meewasin’s five guiding principles. Meewasin has five advisory committees made up of individuals appointed by the board: Development Review, Conservation, Design, Education and Fund Development, which are invaluable to the work of the Meewasin.

When advisory committees vacancies arise, Meewasin posts a public call for applicants. See current volunteer opportunities here.

Development Review

Development Review

The Development Review Committee is created under The Meewasin Valley Authority Act to provide professional and unbiased recommendations regarding the acceptability of proposed improvements within the Meewasin Valley.

The Act requires that the board consider the recommendation of the committee before making a decision on a development review application. The Act prescribes that the committee shall include, at least:

  • Two architects;
  • Two planners;
  • Two geotechnical engineers; and
  • A landscape architect.

Current Committee Members are:

  • Mitch Strocen – Chair
  • Terry Werbovetski
  • Ian Judd-Henrey
  • William Hrycan
  • Tyson McShane
  • Twyla Bergstrom
  • Victoria Yong-Hing
  • Kirstin Mahan Thompson

Conservation Advisory

Conservation Advisory

The Conservation Advisory Committee supports the Board’s strategic priorities and goals and assist in its work to ensure the health of the Meewasin Valley by reviewing and advising on plans in the following areas:
a) policies related to conservation (meaning the identification, assessment, protection and appropriate sustainable use of natural and heritage resources);
b) whether valley wide and site-specific resource management plan activities are planned in alignment with the Resource Management Plan;
c) land securement opportunities;
d) systems to monitor performance in the areas of biodiversity, ecosystem services, and resource management; and
e) public needs in the area of resource conservation.

a) The committee shall consist of no fewer than six members to be appointed by the Board.
b) Quorum is required for committee meetings. Quorum is defined as at least 50% of the serving members.
b) The committee shall include, but not be limited to:
• a Meewasin board member;
• representatives from partners and community groups with an interest in resource conservation;
• experts in the fields of ecology and environmental analysis, biology, agriculture, GIS, ecological monitoring, water resource management, and cultural heritage;

Current Committee Members are:

  • Yuguang Bai – Board Representative
  • Peter Goode – Chair
  • Bert Weichel
  • Luc Delanoy
  • Ron Jensen
  • Eve Keller
  • Giselle Hooey

Design Advisory

Design Advisory

The Design Advisory Committee advises the Meewasin board in its work by providing recommendations regarding design policies, standards and art placements.

The Design Advisory Commitee assists the Meewasin Board in its work to ensure “fit” as defined in the “100 Year Conceptual Plan,” of the built environment in the context of the nature valley environment. It can advise the Board on proactive design policies for improvements on public land in accordance with the Meewasin Development Plan; on public needs relative to design standards; and assess the artistic merit of proposed cultural art.

The committee has between 5 and 10 members and consists of one board member and professionals from design fields such as landscape architecture, architecture, urban and environmental design, recreation planning and visual arts.

Current Committee Members are:

  • Board Representative – Vacant
  • Marilyn Gould – Chair
  • Tyson McShane – Vice-Chair
  • Luc Delanoy
  • Bertrand Bartake
  • Jeff Howlett
  • Kirstin Mahan Thompson

Education Advisory


The Education Advisory Committee assists the Meewasin Board in its task to instill experiential, natural, and cultural education research and experiences in the valley by advising the Board on policy development in these areas and assisting the Board to monitor the achievement of these objectives.

Current Committee Members are:

  • Board Representative – Vacant
  • Chair – Vacant
  • Vice Chair – Vacant
  • Janet McVittie
  • Matt Wolsfield
  • Terri Fradette
  • Dean Newton
  • Courtney Tuck-Goetz
  • Bill Delainey
  • Andrea Lafond
  • Amy Wall
  • Sue Bouchard

Fund Development

Fund Development

The Fund Development Cabinet actively participates in delivering a fund development plan to generate philanthropic revenue in support of the mission and mandate of the Meewasin Valley Authority; to Conserve, Develop and Educate in the Meewasin Valley

Meewasin reaches out for support from the public and private sector to accomplish its goals around conservation, trail development and education projects. Approximately 35% of Meewasin’s annual revenue comes from generous donors, sponsors from the business community and granting agencies. On average, for every dollar spent by Meewasin over the past 38 years, just 18 cents has come from our founding partners (tax dollars). This means Meewasin attracts 82 cents of every dollar it spends from private or business sources! Not a bad return on investment!

Another way the citizens and business leaders of Saskatoon and area have shown their support for Meewasin is to help attract funding by sharing their time, expertise and community connections with Meewasin.

We thank our current Fund Development Cabinet which is working hard to help Meewasin find supporters for future projects and programs. They are:

  • Evan Howlett, Cabinet Chairperson and Individual Gifts committee
  • Robin Chapman, Green Circle/Planned Gifts/Business committee
  • Peter Goode, Individual Gifts committee
  • Doug Hodson, Business committee
  • John Hyshka, Business committee
  • Susan Lamb, Green Circle/Planned Gifts committee
  • Robin Lumsdon, Business committee
  • Clay Sparks, Business committee
  • Colin Tennent, Board representative
  • Bev Dubois, Board representative
  • Joanne McGrath


On September 23, 2020, Meewasin and the City of Saskatoon signed a new Master Agreement, renewing an almost 30-year-old agreement between the two organizations. The renewed agreement has a broader focus, concentrating on many areas of collaboration between the two, role clarification and working on behalf of the community to make improvements in natural spaces for safe enjoyment and habitat improvements.

Also on September 23, 2020, Meewasin and the University of Saskatchewan signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The document aims to facilitate intentional, strategic collaboration with innovative and creative problem solving to take on common challenges and opportunities. The agreement highlights opportunities for joint development of student experiences, business and infrastructure planning, research, community outreach and marketing, in addition to many other focused project collaborations.

The agreements set up steering committees to accomplish what is promised in the agreements.

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